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Resident Evil Fan Fiction
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[+] No drama
[+] No spamming
[+] Fan fiction based on the books, games, and movies are allowed.
[+] You may post cross-over fan fics and original characters are welcome.
[+] Put the story itself under an LJ cut.
[+] Explicit content is allowed as long as you give your warnings.
[+] Do not bash another person's story simply because you do not like the pairing.
[+] No advertising other communities. There are other communities to do that on.
[+] Het, Yaoi, and Yuri are allowed.
[+] Do not steal another person's work and post it here claiming it as your own.
[+] Most of all, have fun and bask in the Resident Evil goodness.

Title: (it doesn't necessarily need to have one)
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, etc.)
Genre: (Horror, Drama, Angst, Romance, Tragedy, etc.)
Pairing(s): (if there are any)
Format: (oneshot, poem, or multi-chapter)
Summary: (just a short paragraph of what your story is about)

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